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  1. What is the age of the youngest worker in this facility?


  2. Are there any work experience programs for school age children?


  3. Are there restrictions for workers under 18?


  4. What procedures does this facility have in place to verify the age of the employees?


  5. Are all employees voluntarily working in this facility?


  What procedures does this facility has to ensure employees are working voluntarily?


  6. Are there any workers in this facility that are prisoners, have been assigned by the military,

  or any other branch of government?


  7. Are employees free to leave when their work shift ends?


  8. Are guards posted only for normal security reasons?


  If so, what are their basic duties?

  如果那樣, 他們基本的工作是什麼?

  9. How are employees recruited (i.e. newspaper ad, agent, contract?)


  10. How are employees disciplined for misconduct or poor performance?


  11. Do you restrict employment by age, race, ethic group, religion, gender, sexual, orientation, political

  affiliation, and/or national origin?

  工廠會由於工人的年齡│₪₪↟、民族│₪₪↟、種族│₪₪↟、宗教│₪₪↟、 性別│₪₪↟、 性取向│₪₪↟、政治面貌│₪₪↟、和/或者出生地不同而制約工人嗎?

  12. What is the lowest wage paid by this contractor for trained (i.e. production) employees?

  For untrained (i.e. janitors, trainees) employees?

  訓練有素的工人(如生產工人) 的最低薪金是多少? 未經訓練的(如門衛, 實習生) 工人的最低薪金又是多少?

  13. How are employees paid? (cash/check/autopay/other)

  如何支付工人的薪金? (現金/鈔票/自動支付/其他)

  14. How is the pay rate calculated? (per hour/piece rate/per day/other)

  工人的薪金按什麼計算? (每小時/計件率/每天/其他)

  15. Is work time documented by a timecard?


  16. How often are employees paid? (hourly/weekly/monthly/other)

  工廠多長時間發一次工資? (每小時/每週/月度/其他);

  17. Are there any deductions from employees’ wages?


  18. Does any employee owe the Company money?


  19. What allowances and benefits are provided to employees in this facility?

  (Housing, meals, transportation, and other allowances health care child care sick leave emergency

  leave pregnancy and menstrual leave vacation religious and holiday leave and contributions for social

  security, life, health, worker’s compensation and other insurance coverage.)

  工廠有什麼津貼和福利提供給僱員? (住房│₪₪↟、飯食│₪₪↟、運輸, 和其它津貼 醫療保健 兒童保健 病假 緊急事假 懷孕和月經事假 假期 宗教和假日休假 及為社會安全作貢獻│₪₪↟、生活│₪₪↟、健康│₪₪↟、工作者報償和其它保險責任範圍☁↟。)

  20. Are benefits and/or allowances included in calculating the minimum wage?



  21 Are there any incentive plans offered (i.e. bonus)?


  22 Are workers paid for training (if applicable)?


  23 Do you pay overtime?


  24 What is the maximum number of consecutive days?


  25 What are the operational hours of this facility?


  26 How many work shifts do you run in your facility?

  工廠實行幾班倒工作制? a. How many hours per work shift?


  27 How are overtime wages calculated (I.e. weekdays, 1.5x holidays 2x, etc.)?

  怎麼計算超時工作的薪金(即工作日│₪₪↟、 1.5 倍 休息日2倍 等)?

  28 What is the average number of overtime hours worked per worker each week?


  29 What is the maximum number of work hours per day at regular pay?


  30 What is the maximum number of hours employees are asked to work in a given week?


  31 Do employees have time each day for a meal?


  32 Do employees have time each day for breaks?

  工人每天有小息時間嗎? a. If yes, how many and what is the duration of each break?

  如果有, 每個小息的時間有多少?

  33 Do employees take work home?

  工人帶工作回家嗎? a. If yes, how are wages for this work determined?

  如果有, 怎麼確定這工作的薪金?

  34 Are first aid supplies available in this facility?


  35 Are there any medically trained personnel on site?


  36 Are safety education / training programs offered (I.e. first aid, etc.)?

  工廠有安全教育/訓練計劃嗎(如急救, 等)?

  37 Do you have fire extinguishers and / or sprinkler systems in this facility?


  38 Are fire escapes available for buildings more than one story high?


  39 Is personal protective equipment available at no cost to the employee?


  40 Do employees have unrestricted access to drinkable water?


  41 How many functional toilets does this facility have? (male / female)

  工廠有多少間可使用的洗手間? (男性/女性)

  42 Do you have ventilation and lighting system?


  43 Is there a supervisor on the floor for question?


  a. How many supervisors per worker?


  44 Do you allow your employees to associate?


  45 Do you provide residential facilities for workers?

  工廠有為工人提供住宅設施嗎? a. If yes: vendor / licensee controlled facilities / rental units / other?

  如果是, 是工廠 / 持牌人管理該設施 / 出租單位 / 其他?

  46 Number of buildings? Number of employees that reside in this dormitory?

  大廈的數量? 居住在這棟宿舍的工人數量?

  47 Average number of employees in a sleeping room?


  48 Approximate space (in square meters) per employee in sleeping room?

  每工人大概佔用多少空間(平方米) ?

  49 Are sleeping quarters segregated by sex?


  50 Are employees provided their own individual mats or sleeping space?


  51 Are directions for evacuation in the case of fire or other emergencies posted in all sleeping

  quarters in the native language?


  52 Does this facility have fire extinguishers in all sleeping quarters?


  53 Are fire drills conducted?


  54 Are combustible materials stored in the dormitories or buildings connected to the dormitories?


  55 Number of toilets for employees? (male / female)

  員工洗手間的數量? (男性 / 女性)

  56 Are kitchen or laundry facilities provided?





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